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Addicional Lectures

In this section we try to focus on specific subjects of analysis.

    About the Eye Verification




Analysis Of The 38% of Dyslexia and a significant weakness in psychomotricity and spatial orientation

Our foundation's experience was in accordance with many studies hich recognize the importance of crawling in the first years for the neuro psycomotric development.(The great importance of a child needing to crawl.)

In San Marcos la Laguna, Solola, and well as in other indigenous villages in the Lake Atitlan area, the babies don't crawl at all in their early childhood.

- - The mothers don't let the babies crawl on the floor, because it's often cold, inappropriate ,and they are afraid of the scorpions.

- - The slope of the village ( San Marcos ) is very abrupt and steep and it is impossible for some children to walk down, especially in the rainy season.
- - In the tradition and by necessity the mothers carry the babies on their backs totally covered up in fabrics and without any external stimulation or free movement.
In some cases we observed that children can stay for 6 hours in the backs of their mothers and continue to do so until up to 2 years old. Like in those photos, we saw the women at 10:00 and because she is selling on the street the kid pass the day on her back.


Project Experience :

The significant results that were observed and evaluated with the children in relation to our pedagogic program were:

        - better spatial orientation
        - better laterality
        - better decodage
        - better reading + comprehension
        - better ability to analyze :
they take time to think before answering anything. A lot of progress was in relation with the association games when they are used correctly.

- much better and more evident synchronization.
An example of observation and evaluation from the doctor at the beginning.

In front of the doctor:
We asked two dyslexic children to do the paper with the arrows. (Ref: pedagogic part) They were not able to do it successfully at all.

Daisy and I did the appropriate reeducation in front of the doctor.

Three days later the doctor was able to observe that the two children were able to do it with success and more easily.


About the Eye Verifications

n.b.: not for checking for the need for glasses.

We check if the eyes get tired too fast,and if the muscles are strong enough. When the muscles of the eyes tire too rapidly, the child can only read for a short time. The eyes start to jump, the lines move and the reading is less efficient, less comprehensive.

Then many children stop reading, saying they don't like to read, because they are more tired and they start to get headaches.

In these poor countries the eyes verification as we do in Kine is very important because of the poor lighting that there is in the houses and in the school, in the different seasons. To economize the use of the electricity they use very little light.

Without efficient light the eyes get tired faster and that impedes the learning

** La vista gasta mas del 70% de la energia cuando es mal utilizado.
De Narciso Irala en el libro Eficiencia sin fatiga en el trabajo mental.
Los estudiantes, profesores etc. Aspiran a mayor rendimiento con menor fatiga.

In one Word:
The vision needs more then 70% of the energy when it is not well used.
So much so, that the child has no more energy to understand what he is reading. All the energy goes only for decoding. (pronounding the syllables).

So when the eyes are too tired the visual field is getting smaller and weakens the capacity of understanding of what we read.

In Quebec, a child was going to be put in a special class for reading problems. At the foundation we found out that the child had great eye tiredness. After one month of eye exercises, the specialist who saw him once a week said that he could return to his regular class

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