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Approach and Attitude Towards The Child

When a teacher has an attitude, such as, “I am the teacher, and I am going to put something into your head,” towards a child with a learning problem, the child is going to block most new information. With this approach most children become afraid and close off their relationship, or communication, with the teacher. NEW LEARNING IS QUITE IMPOSSIBLE. In muscle testing, when you test both the teacher and child in this situation, they both test “weak”. The child who already has a learning problem does not want and DOES NOT NEED, another negative experience. So to protect himself, he will close the door. The contact between the child and teacher is most important. And in this case (situation) the child will feel that the teacher is more an enemy than ally (friend).
For the teacher who thinks that the more information he puts into the childs head, the better of a teacher he is, or who puts himself in a superior position, the result of the muscle test will be weak. The body does not accept the idea of unequal relationships, it will always prefer an equal relationship, such as the relationship between 2 winners, example: dolphin vs. dolphin, not shark vs. dolphin. Approach with an attitude of:


Note : Before leaving Quebec, I asked a teacher ”how many times have you thought about the student in front of you as having a heart?” He answered, “not once”. At that moment he decided to review his (pedagogy) teaching method.

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