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Why this site...

One goal of the web site is to offer a maximum of pedagogy that is not expensive

What can we do
                that is simple,
                interesting, useful,
                fast, and
to make a better preparation for children and adolescents for learning and school education, while in the meantime we are preparing them for a more integrated adult life, with more specalized work possibilities.

1- In the pedagogic part :
You will find all that a child needs to learn.
All the exercises are presented in a progressive order for the students , and you will be easily able to follow their evolution.
All the exercises are there including the ones which especially, greatly help adolescents.

If you are teachers, educators, parents or volunteers, you will benefit from this web site of pedagogy and exercises that will help you in your educative mission with children.

For some students this will be a discovery of some base for learning, and for others it will offer a varied reinforcement of the same base of skills for reading and writing.

Remember that the web site also has interesting and beneficial exercises for the older students.

This gradual approach will allow you to go much further with the students because you will follow all the basic skills for learning.

The first exercises are very beneficial for the children who are temporarily slower to learn, and they are also a reinforcement for the other students. They allow all children to learn more efficiently and rapidly.
Some exercises are especially useful for adolescents, including those who are entering trades, because they prepare them for a better integrated life into the working world.

2- In the part, « About Us »
you will find the different steps of the Guatemalan experience, the ways in which we experimented and validated the pedagogic approach, and those pedagogic exercises.

We talk about Educational Kinesiology and we know its advantage for reeducation, and of the benefits of these exercises for the children.
It is not necessary for you to know Educative Kinesiology, you just have to follow the pedagogic steps, and help the children benefit from those basic exercises in psychomotricity, which increase their learning at many levels. This is sufficient to enable them to become better scholars and to prepare them for an easier, and more balanced working life.

For me, as a specialist in education, the project was very enriching and was going along with my research work and the work of both foundations with children. We hope that this experience we had with the school where 38% of the children were dyslexic, and where the majority of the children in the school were very weak in psychomtricity and laterality, can aid other research projects in education.

The site is in three languages,
which for us was essential because we wished to make accessible a basic pedagogy in Spanish, because it will be spread in Central and South America. In these countries, the stimulation for learning at a young age is not available.

In these poor regions, one of the objectives was to make available and affordable an essential basic pedagogy, sometimes without cost.
We have to remember that to develop the sequential order costs nothing, and according to the psychologists around the world, it is essential for learning. Sequential order helps in advanced studies and for workers in specialized trades.

One of our goals was also to give clear and well structured pedagogic instruction for the many volunteers with insufficient preparation to work with children in different countries.

Another vision of ours is to set up an open web site so that educators will be able to send us interesting pedagogic material or ideas for facilitating children’s education especially in third world countries.

Gilles Denis Lortie

Dir. F.F.B.H and F.P.E.A.


N.B. We are sorry that some pictures of exercises are not perfect. With the hurricane Stan one part of the school in San Marcos has been destroyed. Then we had lost ours originals. This will be correct as soon as possible.

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