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Seeing the child not as a problem that school and parents were bringing to us, but see the child with potential to become. We are totally aware that this approach has given marvellous results.
To not view the child negatively we focus on the fact that it is a temporary situation, so we replace the expression “learning problems” with “temporarely learning differences.”

The great approach was often to change the vision that the parents had of the child. To the parent who was bringing to us a “learning problem”, we did not accept this perception , and talked about a child that was temporarely learning slower than the others ones and put the emphasis on the fact that the little child, was also a little being of love before being label as a “learning problem”.

This is why in this document we will talk about children with temporary learning differences. C.T.L.D.

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Pedagogy -
The Basics
Basic Exercises
To improve basic skills that he needs in order to be able to learn easier at school and to improve other skills that are needed for daily life.   Pedagogy
Develop Sequential Order
The student needs to be able to follow sets of instructions in in sequential order to accomplish a task. Pedagogy
The Horseman
The student is a cavalier with a shield and he must be able to protect himself from his outer space.  Pedagogy
The Ninja
In martial arts, the supreme art is often to be able to receive the energy of the other person, and to deflect it. Pedagogy
This site has been created to assist teachers, volunteers and parents. It is for all students even if we sometimes focus on children that experience some difficulties.
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